"Identify a problem that has been worrying you, then write it down and brainstorm 2 solutions"

I'm not sure if this is really a problem, but it has been worrying me. There's this girl in my improv class who is cute, really funny, and I think we kind of hit it off. I want to ask her out, but I'm freaking out about it a little. It's especially troublesome because I over think EVERYTHING so I'm getting way to up into my own head about this. So I guess my options are do nothing and always wonder, or just man up and ask her out.
The manning up and asking her out seems like the best solution, but it opens up new dilemmas: do I plan what I'm going to say/do, or just do it? What do I ask her to do? How do I steer a conversation to a point where I can ask her on a date? How do I ask?

Clearly planning it out means I'm thinking too much and I'm sure I'm going to sound idiotic or mess it up. I guess I just need to be (relatively) spontaneous and just go for it... I won't see her again until Saturday, but wow am I nervous.


"Find out 1 new piece of information about someone you have a close relationship with"

This really feels like a call to do some Facebook stalking...
Today was a bit too busy and crazy to easily do this challenge BUT on Saturday I went out for drinks with everyone from my improv class, which hadn't really happened before. We've spent a few hours every week together, and it's amazing how little we actually know about each other. I took the opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit better.


"Recall a smell or taste that has a happy personal memory for you"

It's funny, at some point in the past I dated a series of women who must have all used the same shampoo. I don't know exactly what shampoo it is, but to this day I'll notice the smell sometimes and I'm immediately taken back. Considering I'm no longer dating any of those women, and some of the relationships ended on not so great terms, the smell is only associated with positive memories.


"Broaden your horizons and read about a part of the world that interests you"

I've been doing a lot of research lately to plan my sabbatical in a year and a half. I'm thinking Australia/New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, or maybe California. Lots of stuff to decide.


"Set a timer and spend 15 minutes de-cluttering 1 spot, such as your closet, files, or inbox"

This always seems to be an ongoing process for me, I always seem to be in some state of de-cluttering, lol.